What is Niagara Kraze?
Niagara Kraze is Niagara County’s premiere family fitness, fun, and party destination. We are a family run business that encourages kids and adults of all ages to come play together while getting some exercise at the same time!  With the largest attractions you will find indoors in Western New York, our unique facility offers the opportunity for kids and adults alike to play together, compete and create memories that will last a lifetime. We offer open gym play, various party packages, field trip and fundraiser options, and more.  With an arcade, food, beverages, special events and a retail area to shop in, we are your very best value in family entertainment.  Click here for more details on What We Offer!

Where are you located?
We have an easy to find, central location that is close enough for everyone to get to!  Niagara Kraze is located at 8411 Rochester Rd. (Rt. 31) Gasport, NY 14067.  For further information and directions, please visit our Pricing, Hours, & Directions page.

Is Niagara Kraze suited for all ages?
The answer to this question is why Niagara Kraze is the premiere destination for family, group and party entertainment! We’ve carefully designed “The Kraze” and have installed the largest and highest quality equipment in order to make Niagara Kraze fun for all ages. Our facility is perfect for kids just learning to walk, up to adult ages! Younger kids may need assistance on some equipment, or maybe the kids will just want to play with you or compete with you, so feel free to play along with them! Most equipment is perfect for all ages, so get in there and create memories that will last a lifetime! *See Special Notes

What is the admission cost?
Niagara Kraze offers the BEST value in family entertainment! For just $8.95 per child (2 and under) and $13.95 per child (3-18 years of age), you get can get your Play Pass! Accompanying adults and babies (non-walkers) are FREE! With your Play Pass admission, re-entry same day is allowed during session times! (“Adults” are classified as any person [19+ years of age] who accompanies a paying child.) Up to 2 adults with one child is fine! (“Babies” are considered infants who don’t participate on our equipment. They’re admitted free!)

What is a waiver and why do you use them?
Niagara Kraze is a PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK facility. We have taken every precaution possible to avoid any potential injury, but it is ultimately up to the children and parent/guardian to consider their own current physical condition, heed instructions and act appropriately while playing to avoid injury. Waivers are used to protect Niagara Kraze against faulty play that results in injury and a waiver of liability must be signed upon arrival of each visit by all participating guests using our equipment.

Can I send my kids to play alone?
All kids MUST have at least one adult on site to watch them while they play. Although you’re welcome to sit back, relax and watch your child play, at Niagara Kraze you are more than welcome to use the equipment along with them!* At Niagara Kraze, we love when families and friends make memories together! Please make sure to keep your child in eye sight at all times. *See Special Notes

Are adults and babies REALLY free?
Adults (19 years+) and babies (non-walkers) are free when attending with a paying child!  Not only are they FREE, but adults are encouraged to join in all the fun and play along with their kids on the inflatable playground!* Niagara Kraze is the ultimate in family entertainment! *See Special Notes

Can I bring in a stroller?
Yes!  We do allow strollers at our facility.  We also have our bathrooms outfitted with a changing table for your convenience.

Are adults REALLY allowed on the equipment?
Absolutely!  Not only are adults allowed on our equipment, we encourage everyone to join in on the fun!  The days of kids having all the fun are over!  We have carefully selected the largest and highest quality equipment you will find indoors in Western New York so that everyone can “Experience the Rush!”  All of our equipment was designed and installed with older kids and adults in mind!  Each attraction presents a new challenge and adventure so we encourage family and friends to play alongside each other!  *See Special Notes

Do you allow outside food and drink?
NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES ARE PERMITTED INSIDE THE FACILITY (with the exception of nourishment for your baby). However, we do have food, snacks and drinks for purchase and you can also order great food from us that we bring in from our local pizza shop partner! You won’t go thirsty or hungry at Niagara Kraze!

Can we bring alcohol in?
We DO NOT allow alcohol at our facility. Niagara Kraze is a kids’ friendly atmosphere that ensures each child a pleasurable and safe experience.

Can I eat and drink in the play area?
We ask that you consume your beverages and snacks at our tables placed throughout our facility.  This will help keep our facility  and its equipment clean and fresh for everyone!

Socks?  Shoes?  Bare-Feet?  What’s allowed?
We are a shoeless facility. All guests MUST  remove shoes upon entry and wear socks!  No exceptions!  But don’t worry…..  If you forget your socks, we will have some available for sale in our store!

What is Open Gym and when do you have it?
Open Gym (Pop-Up Play Day Sessions) are times that we allow the public to pay to play.  Our facility is open 7 days a week to the public for Private Event bookings, but we have open play sessions scheduled every week!  We may have shortened or extended hours based on weather or certain other circumstances, but don’t worry….there is plenty of time for fun!  During school vacation days and weeks, we usually have extended hours!  For up-to-date hours or announcements, please follow us on our Facebook page!

Do you offer a military discount?
We are proud to offer a military discount to active and retired military personnel!  Always receive half-price admission for your own child/children for any open gym session, or receive 5% off any party package we offer. Please provide military ID, pay-stub, or veteran’s ID card at the front desk! While there is no way we can repay you for your sacrifices and dedication, this is one small way we can say “THANKS!”

I’m new to this – do you have any tips before I come?
(1) Pack socks for everyone!  (2) Participate with your kids!*  Our equipment was selected with family entertainment in mind, so go ahead and have some fun!  (3) Come ready to experience something completely different and be ready to have the time of your life! *See Special Notes


I want to have a birthday party at Niagara Kraze.  What types of party packages do you offer?
Niagara Kraze is your premier party destination! We are the only entertainment facility around that offers EXCLUSIVELY Private Parties and Events! The entire facility is yours for you and your guests for 2 ½ hours and will be closed to the general public during your event. We want to take the stress out of party planning and give you more value and entertainment for your money than you will find anywhere else! From party planning, to set-up, clean-up and everything in between, our Niagara Kraze staff has you covered! In fact, we make it so easy for you that you will be playing right alongside your guests with all of the energy you save!* Niagara Kraze has a package that is right for everyone at a very affordable price.  Please visit our Party Packages for details on everything that is included with your party! Please feel free to ask about any additional information you may need. *See Special Notes

How many people can come?
Private access to the entire Niagara Kraze facility for your group of up to 40 people for 2 ½ hours! Have the place all to yourselves without having to navigate the general public! *Add an additional $10 per person for everyone over 40 people (65 TOTAL GUESTS MAXIMUM).  To see the party sizes we offer, please visit our Party Packages page.

Are babies and/or adults included in the headcount for my party?
While we don’t count babies, our Private Events are limited to 40 total attendees (including kids and adults playing or not). Additional guests are allowed for an additional $10 per person over 40, but the guest limit should not exceed 65 total people. Non-walking babies are not counted. Need more space or are you looking to host a huge party or corporate event?  We recommend looking into our Private Party option that can be found on our Party Packages page.

Does everyone need a waiver?
All of your guests need to sign a waiver on the day of your party.  Our new streamlined check-in process makes completing the waiver process quick and easy! This will be done upon entry into the facility.

Do you offer invitations?
Yes we do offer invitations as part of all of our Party Packages!  Invitations can be picked up in person at any time prior to the party or they can be mailed to you for a flat rate of $5.00 *PLEASE NOTE THAT INVITATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME*

When should my guests arrive for my party?
Party guests should arrive 15 minutes before your party time so they can settle in and sign a waiver. Any late comers will be brought to the party area to join your party! We’ll work with you throughout the party planning process so we know how many guests you’re expecting. On event day, we’ll keep track of the total number of attendees so you make sure everyone you’re expecting is accounted for. Party host/hostess will need to keep an eye out for their guests and welcome them as they arrive!

Do you have coolers and freezers for my food items?
Since no outside food or beverages are allowed in the facility (except for birthday cakes), we do not have public cooler or freezer space available.

What does Niagara Kraze provide for my party?
Niagara Kraze prides itself on giving you more for less! We offer various all-inclusive party packages for you to choose from in order to fit your specific needs. While the details of each party will vary depending on your needs, all of our parties include 2 ½ hours of private access to the entire facility, set-up, clean-up, tables,  and shoe racks. Also included in all party packages are plates, napkins, silverware and more. A special gift and return pass for the guest of honor are included in all packages! Niagara Kraze offers various Party Packages, each with their own perfect blend of family, food and fun!  To find out what package is right for you, please visit our Party Packages page!

Will there be enough space for my group?
Niagara Kraze is the only entertainment venue around offering EXCLUSIVELY Private Events in our nearly 10,000 sq.ft. facility! Sure, the facility is packed full of equipment and games, but we have plenty of room to play and roam! While we can accommodate parties of just about any size, we do recommend keeping the total guest count to no more than 60 total.

Can I stay longer than 2 ½ hours?
The facility is rented in 2 ½ hour increments. However, you’re welcome to purchase additional timeslots if they are available! Also, you and your guests are welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes before the scheduled party so you can have extra play time. Staff will give you a 20 minute warning when your time in the facility is ending. Party parents should plan their party accordingly and wisely utilize their time at the tables for food, cake and presents in order to allow plenty of bounce time for the children. At the end of the rental time, we ask that you move all items brought into the facility for the event to your car.

What food/drink/add-on options do I have?
Need more food or drinks for your guests?  No problem!  Once your party is reserved, our staff will work with you in the weeks and days leading up to your event to make sure you have everything you need on the day of your event.

Do my guests REALLY get free admission to the the park at the beginning of my party?
Yes!  As an added bonus, you and your guests will be able to play in the park up to 15 minutes before the party and up until the end of the reserved timeslot!

When will I have access to the facility for my scheduled Private Event?
Early access will be limited to no more than 15 minutes prior to the reserved party time.

Can I help set up the reserved party area?
We love to take all the stress out of your party and set up everything for you, but we are happy to help you implement any special requests you may have!  Just let us know if you have any special set-up requests, and we’d be happy to do it for you!

Will I have time to fit everything in for the party while in the reserved party area?
Absolutely! That’s why we give each party a full 2 ½ hours in the facility plus an additional 15 minutes before the reserved time slot! We want to be sure there is time to eat, open presents and have cake…..not to mention all the inflatable fun! Our party staff will help layout your party and keep you on track to make sure you get everything in while still maintaining a fun and relaxing atmosphere. No need to rush!

Can I have extra time for my party?
Niagara Kraze offers the option for your guests to play and bounce for up to 15 minutes before your scheduled party in the Party Area begins which allows you to extend bounce time for your guests! Due to our party rotation cycle, Niagara Kraze does not allow you to extend your time in our facility unless multiple timeslots are purchased.

How can I schedule my party today?
It’s easy to book your next party at Niagara Kraze!  You can visit us in person, give us a call, or even Book Your Party Today online right now!


Special Notes

*Please note that adults are permitted to use the equipment providing they do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit of 250 pounds. In addition, their weight cannot create an unsafe balance inside the inflatable that may jeopardize the safety of the children inside the inflatable. If you exceed this weight limit, or cause an unsafe imbalance, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the equipment. Please follow the safety rules located at each inflatable.

**All guests (including adults and those not playing) MUST wear socks! No exceptions! But don’t worry….. If you forget your socks, we will have some available for sale in our store!