Party Packages


Reimagined. Redesigned. Ready for fun. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time to hear the laughter and the joy that we have been waiting for since we started out on this journey. We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting private event bookings!
Have the entire Niagara Kraze facility all to yourselves for your next event as these private event bookings will include 2 ½ hours of facility rental for up to 40 people! We will be closed to the general public during these sessions and we will work with you to make sure your event is everything you want it to be, and more! You and all of your guests will have a wonderful time and surely create memories that will last a lifetime! With our special promotional prices of just $349 ($375 starting January 1st) on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and $399 on weekends and (Friday-Sunday) and holidays, time slots are going to fill up fast so make sure to reserve you spot today! We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

What’s Included:

– Private access to the entire Niagara Kraze facility for your group of up to 40 people for 2 ½ hours! Have the place all to yourselves without having to navigate the general public! *Add an additional $10 per person for everyone over 40 people (65 TOTAL GUESTS MAXIMUM).

– Access to all of our attractions including our inflatables, gymnastics equipment, obstacle courses, physical challenges, huge slides and more!

– Laser tag and dance party options inside of our black light/glow-in-the-dark Lazer Kraze arena!

– Toddler Town! An area exclusive to those 4 and under that includes its own huge attraction and sensory toys and games perfect for the younger kiddos!

– Free WIFI on our blazing fast connection!

– Don’t miss a second of the action from the big game or your favorite programming on our 75” TVs!

– Games!

– Massage Chairs

– Discounted catering options from our partner, Chop’s Shop! Whether you’re looking to feed a few or many, we’ll work together to help you put together the perfect menu for your event!

– The option for you to bring in a cake or cookies to help celebrate during your big event!

– Utensils, napkins, and paper products!

– Set-up and clean-up by our staff!

– A case of water (40 bottles)!



1.  NO CONCERN ABOUT THE WEATHER – Summer in WNY is absolutely beautiful and one of the best in the entire country for sure. But let’s face it……as nice as it is, it’s just as unpredictable as every other season we have.  What is in the forecast one day can completely change the next and there’s nothing worse than planning an amazing event only to have the weather change last minute and completely washing out your event.  All that work, prep time, organization, monetary investment, etc. is all for nothing.  You don’t have to worry about that when you book with us!  The weather is always perfect here at Kraze!


2.  BEAT THE HEAT – So you’ve planned your event, the rain has held off, and it’s a beautiful bright and sunny day! But there’s just one problem……it’s HOT AS BLAZES outside and everyone is super uncomfortable!  As much as the weather is unpredictable in this area, the heat and humidity can make even the nicest days unbearable at times.  Just as the weather is always perfect here at Kraze, so is the temperature and you can be sure your guests will always be comfortable and enjoying themselves in our beautiful, air-conditioned facility!


3.  NO SHORTAGE OF ACTIVITIES – One of the most challenging parts of throwing the perfect party is the planning of what activities are going to be featured and accessible. Let’s face it…. kids get bored quickly and who wants their kids teasing to go just minutes into a party because “there’s nothing to do.”  At Kraze, there are so many things to do that are perfect for all ages!  From our huge inflatables, gymnastics equipment, laser tag, arcade games, massage chairs, and more, nobody will have the chance to run out of things to do at Kraze!


4.  NO RISK OF SUNBURN – When your event is outdoors, especially during the daytime, there is an increased risk of painful sunburns. If there is playing, dancing, competitions or any other physical activity central to the event, the sweat the participants produce will further diminish the skin’s ability to protect itself. Holding your event indoors will remove the need to keep reapplying sunscreen and allow everyone to concentrate on enjoying themselves and not dealing with the aftermath of that terrible sunburn.


5.  INTERACT AND EAT IN PEACE – So you have pulled it off……the weather is perfect. The temperatures are comfortable and everyone is ready to party! One problem, though…… you have some unexpected, and unwanted, guests!  Bugs and other pests love these parties too! When meals are prepared and served outdoors, it can attract unwelcome guests such as files, mosquitos, bees, ants and other pests. When guests can enjoy their dinner and drinks inside a cool and climate controlled venue, they don’t have to worry about swatting away flies and going home itching with all the bug bites they got at the party!


6.  CHANGING IT UP – In WNY, it seems like we wait all year to be able to get outdoors and spend time together with family and friends. Outdoor summer parties are often wonderful when everything comes together and goes well.  And you know what?  Sometimes there can just be too many outdoor parties!  Aside from the obvious weather worries you can avoid with an indoor party, there can also just be something so simple and lovely about an indoor summer party. Guests won’t need to worry about bringing sunscreen and towels and sunglasses and swimsuits and changes of clothes and bug spray…you get the picture.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a short break from the outdoors, sip coffee in an air-conditioned facility, and have a real conversation with other adults while the children play, rather than chasing children around trying to get their hat on them or keeping them away from the inground pool. Your guests will realize how nice it can be to kick back in an air-conditioned private party for a few hours.


7.  DECORATING IS EASY – While party aesthetic may not be a deciding factor for every family, it sure is much easier to create a themed extravaganza that lights a child’s face up when the party’s indoors. The decorations required are often less since the area is smaller and contained, and you won’t need to worry about balloons and streamers blowing all about or securing table covers down. Also, if the center of your décor features cute centerpieces, a cake, or anything that may be affected by wind (or attract bees and flies), you will likely have to re-strategize for an outdoor event.


8.  NO PRESSURE OR STRESS – Let’s face it……throwing the perfect party is hard work and stressful. From the initial planning, to having to clean and prepare your house or area, to the cooking and setup, to the actual hosting of the event, and more, getting ready to host a party isn’t the easiest thing to do.  Sometimes the planning and execution of a big summer event just takes away all of the actual fun that the party is designed to be.  This is not even to mention the teardown and clean up after the party is over!  At Kraze, you don’t have to worry about any of this.  We will take care of all this for you.  We provide the set-up, all of your plates, napkins, utensils and more while also making sure that the food you want is ordered and brought in fresh.  We provide the entertainment and do all of the clean-up for you!  You simply invite your guests and we will take care of everything else for you!  We do the work for you and you get the credit for hosting the perfect summer event!


9.  IT’S SAFER – How many times have you gone to outdoor events and have lost track of  your kids……where they are, who they are with, and what they may be doing or getting into. At Kraze, we provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for everyone in attendance!


10.  YOU WILL PROBABLY SAVE MONEY – There’s a lot that goes into planning a huge summer party. Many think they’ll just save some money by hosting at home instead of booking an event at a facility like ours. But they quickly learn that by the time you invest in the set-up of the event including any extra chairs, tables, decorations, activities, plates, napkins, utensils, food, and more, it adds up very quickly.  Want to rent an inflatable for your event?  Just renting ONE inflatable the size of ours for a few hours will most likely cost you more than renting our entire facility and all of the extras we provide for your event!  Why limit yourself when your event budget will go so much further with us than anyone else?  Oh, and when you book your event with us, we guarantee you that your event will be private and you won’t have to deal with the general public at all.  You get our beautiful 10,000sqft facility all to yourselves for your event!

We are committed to providing our guests with a clean, safe, and extremely fun environment! We have something for everyone and, as always, adults* are encouraged to use our equipment and play along! Our facility is completely cleaned and sanitized using the safest and best cleaning products before and after each event. The health and safety of our guests are of the utmost importance as we strive to give our guests an amazing experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. Spots are limited, so book yours today!


Special Notes

*Please note that adults are permitted to use the equipment providing they do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit of 250 pounds. In addition, their weight cannot create an unsafe balance inside the inflatable that may jeopardize the safety of the children inside the inflatable. If you exceed this weight limit, or cause an unsafe imbalance, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the equipment. Please follow the safety rules located at each inflatable.

**All guests (including adults and those not playing) MUST wear socks!  No exceptions!  But don’t worry…..  If you forget your socks, we will have some available for sale in our store!