What We Offer

Inflatables aren’t just for kids anymore!  Niagara Kraze has put the “Family” back in “Family Entertainment!” Not only are adults* allowed to play on our equipment, we encourage it! That’s right, no longer do you have to watch your kids having all the fun, you can play too. While you certainly can sit back and relax while watching your kids have the time of their lives, why not get up and play alongside them and create memories to last a lifetime. Not only have we carefully selected the safest, highest quality inflatables available, we have also put a focus on entertainment for the entire family and, therefore, incorporated equipment that most everyone* can play on and EXPERIENCE THE RUSH!

*See note below

Pop-Up Play Day Open Play Sessions:

Kraze offers a fun, friendly atmosphere and a year-round venue with accommodating hours for kids to play, get lots of exercise, socialize and develop new friendships! Whether it’s hot or cold, if there’s wind, rain, sleet or snow, the weather is always perfect at Niagara Kraze.

Birthday Parties:

Take the STRESS out of planning, organizing and hosting your loved one’s special day. By listening to people say things such as, “There’s just nowhere in Niagara County to have a kid’s birthday party!” and “I wish there was some place we could go that would take the pressure out of planning a kid’s birthday party!” we made the ultimate decision to fulfill those wishes and parental needs. Yes, we heard your wants and needs and now it’s time to relax! All of us at Niagara Kraze want to be sure you have the party of your dreams! Niagara Kraze wants to be your premiere party and event destination!

Let our party experts take care of the set-up, clean-up and everything in between while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party atmosphere. Now that you don’t have to spend time and energy party-planning, you probably will have some excess energy to expend with the kids yourself!  Feel free to play right along with your guests since most of our inflatables are ready for adults* as well!  Please visit our “Party Packages” page for details on booking your party!

We Also Offer:

Seating Area

Free Wi-Fi

Big Screen TVs

Food & Concessions

Interactive Games

Arcade Games

Shopping Area

Special Events

Contests and Giveaways

We are committed to proving our guests, no matter what age, a fun experience and a friendly atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.

Safety & Security:

The safety and security of your child is a primary concern at Niagara Kraze. Therefore, we adhere to the following guidelines so you and/or your child can bounce and play with no worries:

Clean and well-lit play areas supervised by our trained staff

Sanitized inflatable surfaces

Certified inflatables with safety mats at all entrances and exits

Video monitoring to ensure playground rules are being followed

Play area for kids and adults* alike featuring tons of slides, interactive obstacle courses, free-fall jumps and more

Designated area for infant-4 years featuring soft landing areas and visible sight lines to supervise the little ones



While it is certainly okay to sit back, relax, watch TV, or connect to our free Wi-Fi, we strongly request that you to take a positive active role in supervising your children during play. Our trained staff will monitor play and kindly ask children to follow the rules of Niagara Kraze. However, it is the parent(s) or supervising adult(s) who are ultimately responsible for their behavior and safety. For the safety and well-being of all its guests, Niagara Kraze will not allow for inappropriate behaviors that pose a threat to such.

Why let just the kids have all the fun? Niagara Kraze offers the largest inflatables you will find indoors in WNY! Our inflatables are HUGE and have been specifically chosen not only with kids in mind, but adults* as well!  We want you up and participating, playing with, and even competing right alongside your kids and creating memories that will last forever! Smiles and laughter nurture happiness and joy and we truly welcome seeing and hearing yours!



Special Notes

*Please note that adults are permitted to use the equipment providing they do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit of 250 pounds. In addition, their weight cannot create an unsafe balance inside the inflatable that may jeopardize the safety of the children inside the inflatable. If you exceed this weight limit, or cause an unsafe imbalance, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the equipment. Please follow the safety rules located at each inflatable.

**All guests (including adults and those not playing) MUST wear socks!  No exceptions!  But don’t worry…..  If you forget your socks, we will have some available for sale in our store!